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FC Memo: We have made some changes to our ranking system!
Legacy - Members who joined FC in 1.0.
Reborn - Members who joined the FC in 2.0.
Dragonsong - Members who joined the FC in 3.0.
Member - Will soon be used for those who join the FC in 4.0.
Trial - Members in a two week probationary period.
Alts - Members non-main accounts.
Bumble Bee - FC Gardeners.

Please join our Discord server if you have not already as we are going to use this as our primary source for communication.

If you are interested in FC events or have any crafting requests, this will be the venue for these conversations.

We have scheduled an FC Meeting for May 5, 2017 from 9-10pm EST. The agenda will strictly go over raid groups for 4.0 and crafting and gathering roles for 4.0. A preliminary survey will be sent out shortly to gain insight on desired preferences.